The Incorporated Trustees of Yuk Ching Charity Trust (hereinafter as “Yuk Ching Charity Trust” or “Trust”) is a non-profit charitable organization established by Mrs Yvonne Lo in 2004  and registered as a granted tax exemption charity under Section 88 of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance in 2005. 

(File number: 91/7577)
    The operations and activities are funded by Mrs Yvonne Lo and Mr Kenneth Lo and external donations.


Our services cover the following major categories:



Support education development in limited resource areas through scholarships, improvement of facilities;

Medical & Health

Improve health and medical services through upgrading medical equipment, support training of medical personnel and improving patient care;


Set up green environmental and waste reduction projects for sustainability;

Disaster Relief

Provide much needed assistance to people affected by man-made or natural disasters;

Volunteer Service

Promote volunteer service through community service and charitable events.